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Once you crack the code to living financial free it's no going back BROKE!!!!


Turn your financial literacy into passive income! When you enroll into GIRLMATH not only will you learn how to live financially free you can teach others the same thing! You will learn with me and I then shows you the tools that needed to start selling what you are taught. FINANCIAL TOOLS INCLUDE:

  • Investing Ebook + Q&A of submitted investing questions 

  •  Credit Building/Business Credit - includes DIY TEMPLATES to fix your own & others  

  • Business Guide-on how to run a digital business 

  • Content Community- so you can learn how to post & make money from the course 

  • How to become financially free and the tips & tricks to do so

                                              WHAT DO YOU GET?

- hands on community to help answer questions & your communities questions 

-access to all financial digital products that you can resell

-the confidence to go live, post and build a business around financial freedom

-content help so you know how to post & topics to post about 

-step by step help from a live person to get setup & going

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