Meet your Instructor

teaching how to Retire as a Realtor 

Charmaine Sanders

in 2015 

I got licensed, however I was already investing in Real Estate since 2011

So when I got licensed I knew that there were other ways to get money in the industry & this was how I knew to Retire Early. 

With my skills that I've gained I will be teaching in class:
-how to setup your business to work without needing your presence 

-how to leverage having access to MLS 

-hands on help to setting up your backend system

    Realtor vs Recession 


    Being a Agent was different back when I got licensed. I got licensed when the market was going through a real recession. Homes were sooo cheap, even back then I still managed to close 2-3 deals a month as a newbie. As we came out of the recession I was closing deals on a weekly basis. Setting my business up properly I managed to retire from being a realtor in 2018.

    This realtor retirement challenge will teach you:
    -still be licensed but commission checks are NOT the only ways to make money.

    -what systems are a waste!

    -planning goals for your retirement every realtors end goal is different. 


      Retirement has NO AGE

      It's not your age, its your system, tools & backend. Also maybe you don't know what it takes to retire as a Realtor. We have to retire different roles in life to reach new heights! 

      This class will teach you:

      -new leading approach to being a realtor, tradition is played out. It's time to step it up.

      -how you can still be licensed but retired at the same time. 

      -still be licensed but steps needs to quit on your own terms!

        The Empire 

        Today I have built a million dollar empire and another million dollar property asset on my own terms-following my own rules!

        This class is designed to change how you think as a realtor and educate you on how to pivot while being an agent. You will leave encouraged on how to retire and the system and mind to do soo.