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If you feel stuck or don't know how to invest in real estate this step by step kit is designed for you. This kit includes book + workbook, contracts, wholesale sign plus other special gadgets, tricks/ tips and favorite websites that I use to get investment properties. The Investor Kit is great for self-starters and also comes with over 30+ classes


The Investor Kit provides step by step information on closing a wholesale deal, how to have rental properties, investing in land, become an airbnb host, buying at the tax sale, becoming a better realtor and soooooo much more!!! This INVESTOR Kit is designed to learn real estate in a less stressful way, pass it down to every generation & teach yourself how to invest.


Perfect for those ready to get into real estate-old or young, Realtors who don't know how to invest and those ready to get more properties..



Please allow3-5 business days before receieve tracking number.

Orders shipped out of USA will be billed seperate for shipping.


Price increase effective *THE INVESTOR KIT now comes with a membership 

Investor Kit

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