We wil be breaking down the INVESTOR KIT to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS

Live in person 4hr class focus points include:

  • Building a real estate business & setting up systems so it runs smooth.
  • What to do with a Real Estate license beside be a Realtor. 
  • What to buy in real estate with $3k, 6k, 10k or 50k+ sticking to your budget and making a profit. 
  • Understanding how to buy land, what to use it for and sell for a profit.
  • Setting up business credit+registering your business (hands on step by step)
  • Turn that Airbnb money into a business and use it to flip property
  • Transition your wholesale business into a real legit money making COMPANY. 
  • Plus other topics on how to find deals, best way to find financing & just overall being financially free.

You will leave as a new Investor with a new business!!! See you there.


This educational experience is for KIT HOLDERS & MEMBERS ONLY (members get special price)

Breaking Down-The Investor Kit