I am glad that you have landed on my site. For those who have no clue who I am let me bring you up to speed. Long story short, I said FORGET my job when I was 21 to become an entrepreneur. I transformed a old rusted food truck into a fashion truck (boutique on wheels) I did that for 5 years traveling around my city selling women items, it become very successful. In the mist of that I purchased my first home at 21 with a 590 credit score and only making 20k a year. 

This is where my life got interesting, long story short I lived in that home for two years because of soo much equity in the home, I decided to sell it. I made a profit of 20k and that is when I decided to get into real estate full time. 



I'm a full time realtor who specializes in helping young adults under 30 buy their first home. I have helped more then 100 men and women own their home. Although I'm a realtor I am more knowledgable in the investing side of things. I have been a licensed realtor for 5 years, but working in real estate industry for 8years. I have 3 rentals, own land, flipped 2 personal properties and in the works on my next deal .  


I created FEMALES WHO FLIP because I needed the platform when I started out but couldn't find the resources or tools. Here I plan to teach and inspire you to get into Real Estate, its not the easiest job, but its very well worth it.  

P.S....not to be confused I don't come from a wealthy rich family, baller boyfriend or scams. I'm from a broken home and the rural streets of Indiana. I started young, got addicted to being self employed and been in love with following my dreams since then. Real Estate helped to create this avenue and started my financial freedom journey. I am forever thankful.


Community of females learning Real Estate. 

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